Alegorithm -Activate LEGO's robot by the programming

Alegorithm -Activate LEGO's robot by the programming-


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Lego Education WeDo Activity Pack & Software 200097
by カエレバ

Since my son has taken trial robot class using LEGO, he is interested in a technical field, such as LEGO, robot, programming. In that class, he built an alligator shaped robot. The robot had a sensor to detect the finger and I reached my finger near the robot, then the alligator bite my finger... But it was just toys, thus I didn't feel pain. A behaviour from a detection by the sensor to an activation of the motor, it was implemented by Scratch programming language for children. My son delighted because he freely activated the toy by himself.


Cat from Scratch

It is not only fun, but also it must be useful. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology released an article below.


Also it seems that the programming will be required subject for elementary school students at 2020 in Japan.

Although I wrote above, to tell the truth, I started this blog because I'm interested in technical field of the computer.

Contents of this blog may not limited to LEGO, robot or programming, please read this blog if you are interested in.

By the way, my son bought LEGO below for the first time. Although it doesn't relate to sensor, motor or programming, you can make various things built by LEGO. I couldn't give my son the robot used by the class, because it was very expensive.

レゴ (LEGO) クラシック 黄色のアイデアボックス<スペシャル> 10698
by カエレバ

This is not the robot class above, but there are other programing school.

I couldn't find the information for children. But the member from that school introduced the programing school for children.


To study English, I'm also writing English version of blogs.