LEGO's storage box

LEGO's storage box


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レゴ、青 レゴ、緑 レゴ、赤黄色
In 4/17 blog, I wrote about LEGO bought by my son.
He also bought other types of LEGO. And there were many LEGO.
Then, how to put away them. It is difficult to think it.

Our LEGO's storage boxes are like pictures above and below.
The LEGO blocks in used are eliminated.
レゴ、紫桃 レゴ、白黒 レゴ、茶
I divided to 6 types of colors like as pictures.

Because the LEGO blocks in used are eliminated, there are more and more LEGOs.

Now, there are points when you chose storage boxes.
They are "broad", "depth less" and "transparent".
Under complex combination of LEGO blocks, children cannot find the appropriate block.

Then I'd like to recommend to use plastic cases for clothes.
My family bought cases sold by MUJI.

無印良品 ポリプロピレンケース・引出式・浅型・3段 V)約幅26×奥行37×高さ32.5cm 日本製
by カエレバ
If you bought many of them, then it costs high. But I think it must be beautiful.

I think MUJI's cases are best. But I searched similar cases below.
Fits フィッツケース 収納ケース まとめ買い2個セット リビング用 スモール カプチーノ
by カエレバ

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