LEGO's storage box (2)

LEGO's storage box (2)


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In the last blog of 4/21, I wrote about LEGO's storage box to put plenty of LEGO blocks away.
Additionally, I had another idea to make my son do it.
It is color seal to identify the box like as the picture below.

I wrote the box must be "transparent", but our boxes are semi-transparent.
We can usually identify the box. But we cannot identify it immediately if it is stored in the box frames.

The problem is easily solved by color seals.
It is ok to use popular seller seals.
You can find them such as Amazon or Rakuten.
ニチバン マイタックラベル ML-121 直径20mm
by カエレバ
What do you do if you can not find appropriate color seals?
You can easily make them. You can paint in white seal by POSCA.
三菱鉛筆 水性ペン ポスカ 中字 丸芯 15色 PC5M15C
by カエレバ

Then, children can easily put them away.
レゴ、青 レゴ、緑 レゴ、赤黄色

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