Scratch programming

Scratch programming


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I wrote blogs about LEGO blocks some times, but I would like to write a blog about the programming by Scratch language.

The programming language naming Scratch is not limited to be used for the LEGO robot.

You can do The Scratch . Surprisingly, NHK is broadcasting the programming program (?? I'm not sure.) and is introducing Scratch! The some of programs have been already broadcast, but you can watch them on demand from this link.
Why!?プログラミング [技術 小5~6・中]|NHK for School
The title includes "for 5th/6th grades student of elementary school", and my son is not satisfied that. However my son can watch it with the help from me.
My son have been experienced the robot class. So, I think he watch it with no problem.
For example, the first subtitle "Activate broken fish"(??) was broadcast.
He was laughed when the fish appeared upside-down due to a lack of the program setting.
Actually, there will be some problems such as reading a Chinese characters if he starts to make anything by Scratch...
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